Dr. M. Gregory Martin  

Publications & Presentations

"Finding the Perfect Drill Designer for Your Band"

"A Conductor's View of Symphony No. 1 by Donald Lee Gannon"

Published in the August, 2007 Florida Music Director, Vol 61,
No. 1, pp. 10-13.

In press for the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles
Journal, Vol. 17 to be published on or before March, 2011.

"Marching Fundamentals"

Puerto Rico International Conference on Marching Bands

Instructional video/DVD published by Alfred Music Publishing,
Miami, FL.

"Marching Fundamentals" presentation which took place August 3, 2010.
In attendance at the sessions were directors from various school and
community bands, staff and instructors, student leaders and students.
For access to the entire conference schedule, click here.

Puerto Rico International Conference contd.

Vivace Marching Band Camp

"From the Drill Chart to the Field/Parade" presentation which took
place on August 4, 2010.

Opening presentation at West Chester University, July 28, 2010.
Topic of the presentation was "Setting the Tone." In attendance
were 35 directors from the tri-state area. For access to the entire
conference schedule, click here.