Dr. M. Gregory Martin  


Elementary Band Methods Class


This class explores methodology that a music educator might encounter when
dealing with beginning or young bands. This segment was recorded on
December 3, 2010. The students had submitted their plans for young band
warmups—they were asked to research various sources to determine what 4-5
elements should be included, to discuss those elements they selected and list
a typical warmup. I had just returned these papers to them and wanted to discuss
their findings. Following that brief review, each of the students throughout the
semester were required to prepare a score for young bands and conduct anywhere
from 5-10 minutes of a rehearsal. They had been receiving input all semester
and were to apply the comments during their time on the podium.

The first young man has not had any conducting class so I wanted him to go
later in the semester to give him time to prepare. The second young lady had
received conducting training (currently in class). Typically, I would allow the
students some time to experience "young" sounds and see how they would react.
Then I would add comments as necessary or help them if they backed themselves
into a corner—as the semester progressed, these type of instances occurred
less and less.


Student Teacher Post-Observation Conference

These excerpts from post-observation conferences took place on
December 6, 2010—the final observation for these students; therefore,
included in this conference was a review of the TIPR instrument. The first
student was one I picked up for the second (elementary) rotation starting
on October 29. The second student was one I had the entire semester
and this rotation was also his elementary experience. The latter conference
lasted over thirty minutes; the excerpt included is of the first 15 minutes.